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Here are some free OER items that you may find useful.


Over the past few years, the writers at Candlelight Sciece have worked on a host of projects all aimed at helping teachers. Below are just of few of those projects along with some important work by others.

With the help of and their fabulous staff, I was able to create a Florida Edition Elementary Science textbooks for grades 3 - 5.

Using CK12's existing middle grades textbooks as a framework, I modified by providing additional support for concepts, aligned the content with our current Florida Standards (NGSSS) and reduced the readability for our students. 

Do you need an elementary science textbook and live in a state that has adopted NGSS? No problem! CK12 has you covered. Click Here

For more Florida Aligned CK12 Flextbooks

Currently available:

  • Middle School Comprehensive Science I,

  • Middle School Comprehensive Science II, 

  • Middle School Comprehensive Science III

  • HS Earth Sciences 

  • Conceptual Physical Science

  • Environmental Science.


All titles have been aligned to Florida standards by Karrie Wikman. 

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