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SO for the last two days I have used your book and yesterday one student says “hey, the Milt guys stories are really cool” so then other students start to say they like how they feel you are talking to them. They like how it’s a story with some knowledge being dropped on ya. I had to share this with you, because my kids are not big on reading, but love what you have done. We did rates of dissolving and mixtures so far. Ps they also would love to meet you 😊

Grades K-8 Complex Text Articles 


At last count we have almost 400 titles with more on the way. If there is something specific you need, please feel free to contact us. We may already have it or who knows, it may become our next project. 


All of our text is checked with multiple metrics to assure it is at an appropriate complexity for the student. By using multiple metrics, our experienced and knowledge staff are better able to determine an appropriate grade level rating. In most cases (we are still working on updating all text), you will see our text marked as Approaching, On-Grade, or Advanced per a specific grade.  

We are also careful to create text with an appropriate length using a well-established norm (Grade Level x 100 + 100/300 words).  We do this so our text to be used not just in the science classroom to support content, but also to be used in a reading classroom to support the development of strong readers. All of our text comes with at least 5 ELA-style questions for this purpose. 


View our selection of readers by clicking below:

To purchase: see our grade level collections on TpT

Eddie the Eagle - The Battle with Forces
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