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All the resources you need for an exceptional year of science laid out in an easy to follow format. The best part of this subscription, is that it never stops growing. Package includes a full one year access to our complete grade level curriculum suite. This curriculum includes all of our original text, lesson plans, resource documents and assessments. We have also added links to OER materials such as CPALMS Tutorials, CK12 Florida Elementary Edition Flexbooks, etc.. in the hopes of having everything at a teacher's fingertips.


Covers Florida Standards: SC.5.E.5.1; SC.5.E.5.2; SC.5.E.5.3; SC.5.E.7.1; SC.5.E.7.2; SC.5.E.7.3; SC.5.E.7.4; SC.5.E.7.5; SC.5.E.7.6; SC.5.E.7.7; SC.5.L.14.1; SC.5.L.14.2; SC.5.L.15.1; SC.5.L.17.1; SC.5.N.1.1; SC.5.N.1.2; SC.5.N.1.3; SC.5.N.1.4; SC.5.N.1.5; SC.5.N.1.6; SC.5.N.2.1; SC.5.N.2.2; SC.5.P.8.1; SC.5.P.8.2; SC.5.P.8.3; SC.5.P.8.4; SC.5.P.9.1; SC.5.P.10.1; SC.5.P.10.2; SC.5.P.10.3; SC.5.P.10.4; SC.5.P.11.1; SC.5.P.11.2; SC.5.P.13.1; SC.5.P.13.2; SC.5.P.13.3; SC.5.P.13.4


Original material included in this subscription:

Unit Assessments

50+ readers (w/multiple levels) including ELA-style questions

40+ easy to implement Lesson Plans to cover all of the Florida standards.

New - eLearning Lesson Plans

Standards Unwrapped Documents

Learning Targets

Linked OER Resources and a few other items you may find useful:

CK12 Florida EL Ed Flexbook (Doc actually co-authored the CK12 Elementary materials, back in the day)

Florida Original Student Tutorials (linked right into the Standards page)

Florida Achieves Questions (made into PPTs for daily review practice)

Standards Unwrapped Documents (recreated from a long day in an office many years ago)

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4th Grade Subscription Package.jpg

More Grade Levels Coming Soon

NGSS Curriculum Packages

Coming Soon

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