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The Candlelight Science Story




Several years ago and at the request of teachers, we started writing informational text to promote science into the elementary grades. What started from a few simple requests has now turned into a crusade to supply quality text to teachers, that not just meet the text complexity requirements for Common Core, but also support science standards. With the help of a few eager young writers ready to join in and tilt a few windmills, Candlelight Science was born. Currently, we have over 300 hundred titles ranging from grades K-8. You will even see some of those titles used as paired text offerings, a cause Alison has taken on.


Yes, we have science readers, but that’s not all. Once upon a time, our resident Ph.D. worked to create over 1,000 assessments items to feed an adaptive practice platform. The platform itself never materialized. This left Candlelight Science with a giant pile of assessment items for grades K-5 science. Those have now been dusted off and are available in our TpT Candlelight Science Store along with our other offerings. These assessment sets are currently our biggest sellers in our store. We have also had a lot of requests for middle grades science assessments, so it looks like some of us will be working on those.


Over the next few years we know there is a lot of work to do. All of our work will be driven by teacher demand. We believe in teachers. We are teachers. We will do everything in our power to support teachers. Please, tell us what you need, which is how all of this started in the first place.


Thank You Teachers!


Our Team: Ali, Katie, Sara, Cheryl, Stephanie, Marjorie & "Doc"

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