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Grades K-8 Assessments and Daily Review Questions 


We have honestly lost count of the assessment items we have created. All we know it is well over 1,000 items we have in our files from an old project we worked on that went bust. Using those items, we have tried to compile the best, or at least those that mirror the type (text complexity) of what students may see on a State Assessment into our unit assessments. Other questions we have used to create Daily Review Questions, or DRQs, in a PPT format. So far, we have K-8 pretty well covered with unit assessments. Grade 5 has a set of DRQs. 


So far, our assessments are aligned to Florida Standards, but as time permits we hope to identify or modify those items that can play well with other state standards such as TEKS or NGSS. 


assessments grade 5.PNG
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